Monday, June 20, 2005

Atention Deficit Disorder**

The number of ADD is increasing especially in America. It is the serious problem to think about our future. I don't think taking medicine to children who has symptoms of ADD is the best way. I guess some of the causes of ADD are lack of love in their family or defect of their nutrition. The society may be changing in bad way . For example, there are many cases such as parent's devorce, Domestic violence , overflow of drugs, or so on. So I think these things influence to children's mind or personality.

The most important solution is that parents have responsibility to grow up their children. They should decipline with love and make well-balanced meal and make good environment to study , sleep and do active. I think the problem is deep so we can't solve the situaton by the superficial way .

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Everyone has an ambiton and desire to be rich. It is America that there are many oppotunity to become millionea.America has freedom and there are various people. People take high risk but also get high return. It is great for energetic person to challenge and try. Actually many scientist or athlete or artist go to America because they want to be admitted and get much reward and get high status.

In America, important things is not their nationality , skin color, school carrior , ages but also their ability and possibility. Everyone's start position is equal. Thinking of our lives, what we want is liberty, happiness , economic oppotunity and material success. In America we can do it if we make effort. So I think America is the country which such a hopeful people gather and mix.Every country pays attention to America and has interest in .America is the .....most interesting place!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

2) IF I WERE MEN.....

So far I am satisfied with my life as woman. Actually I sometimes envy boys because they chase their dream stronger than girls. If I were men, I would travel over the world with few money or do sports acctively or make own company or do something big things. I also wanna set out big project , for example to shoot rocket in the space or to steer jet airliner or cruiser. Men can do possitive not careing the danger in some extent , I think. I yearn for them.
I think women tend to lead a life which includes love. Women sometimes are conservative because they can give birth to children .I think it is the privilege of women. Ofcourse it is also disadvantage that women sometimes can't work like men .But I think in some degree people should do their gender role. I think the role is changing in culture and time . So each of us have to consider about what men/women should be.
In my pinion,the most important thing in my life is love so I wanna be loved by family and want to support my family because I am proud of me as a women.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Before I wanted to work in big company like a man. But listening foreign student's view points, I changed my mind. They think that their job is ofcourse important but their family & hobbies are most important things. Japanese workers always work and have few holiday. When I think of my life , I don't wanna spent too much time& effort to work at the expense of what is important in my life. I like more slowly and free life. I learned from foreign student that stick to the idea to earn money thoughtlessly is sometimes lose the most important thing .

Sunday, May 01, 2005


There are still many discrimination against foreighners in anywhere. I think 'everyone is friend ' ' we are the world' is too much optimistic. To know different culture is difficult so that we should make effort to understand each other.

I think only man-to-man relationship can solve the problem. It means that when you directly communicate with other country's people, you can become to accept each culture and allow him/her as a friend .I think this relation is the important thing to take off your wall of cultural prejudice and discrimination. If politics or economics or so on in friend's country is bad influence to your country , you would not hate your friend . I think each friendships makes world peaceful and 'everyone is friend' is not impossible , I hope.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pros and cons of Japanese culture**

I think Japanese culture is very unique so I might say that many foreigners misunderstand at first. Especially Japanese religion is rooted in Japanese nature and is difficult to understand .

Christian ,Islam, Hinduism and many religion are monothism ,that means one GOD. But in Japan there are eight million GODS "Yaoyorozunokami".They are in fire, water , tree, soil and so on.

Japanese religion also very old. I think it is the most generous religion in the world because it has become milder in traditional aspect.

So it is very different from other religion. Japanese religion is Budism or Shinto but I 'd like to call 'Japanese religion' because it is original and unique in Japan. Most Japanese may think their belief or faith are weak ,but I think it is not weak but it is generous. Japanese never exclude other religions and never force thier belief. Japanese accept difference.

So we can see Japanese uniequness in terms of religion.

Monday, April 18, 2005


1. Tolerance for ambiguous
Japanese sometimes like not to clear things black or white. In some cases , it is good to stay with unclear in Japan. Japanese thinks it important to not say everything you want to do and not to show your own profit or egoistic feeling. If it is rational , Japanese somtimes don't do so. So to manage with perseverance is good for you.

2. Empathy
To adapt in Japan, you can accept Japanese custom. Japanese like to sympathize and share their feelings. You could show empathy for Japanese with modest atiitude.

3. A non-judgemental attitude
You may often compare with your culture. But you shouldn't judge things in Japan is good or bad because it is different from yours. The way of thinking and their rules, morals are very different in countries, so you can't easily understand the foreign culture . So you should not be hasty inconcluding the valuation.


Hi! I am Azusa.I love playing jazz and classical music and seeing movies.
I am intersted in foreign culture.
So now I am studying English.
I want to know various culture and tell foreigners Japanese culture.