Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pros and cons of Japanese culture**

I think Japanese culture is very unique so I might say that many foreigners misunderstand at first. Especially Japanese religion is rooted in Japanese nature and is difficult to understand .

Christian ,Islam, Hinduism and many religion are monothism ,that means one GOD. But in Japan there are eight million GODS "Yaoyorozunokami".They are in fire, water , tree, soil and so on.

Japanese religion also very old. I think it is the most generous religion in the world because it has become milder in traditional aspect.

So it is very different from other religion. Japanese religion is Budism or Shinto but I 'd like to call 'Japanese religion' because it is original and unique in Japan. Most Japanese may think their belief or faith are weak ,but I think it is not weak but it is generous. Japanese never exclude other religions and never force thier belief. Japanese accept difference.

So we can see Japanese uniequness in terms of religion.

Monday, April 18, 2005


1. Tolerance for ambiguous
Japanese sometimes like not to clear things black or white. In some cases , it is good to stay with unclear in Japan. Japanese thinks it important to not say everything you want to do and not to show your own profit or egoistic feeling. If it is rational , Japanese somtimes don't do so. So to manage with perseverance is good for you.

2. Empathy
To adapt in Japan, you can accept Japanese custom. Japanese like to sympathize and share their feelings. You could show empathy for Japanese with modest atiitude.

3. A non-judgemental attitude
You may often compare with your culture. But you shouldn't judge things in Japan is good or bad because it is different from yours. The way of thinking and their rules, morals are very different in countries, so you can't easily understand the foreign culture . So you should not be hasty inconcluding the valuation.


Hi! I am Azusa.I love playing jazz and classical music and seeing movies.
I am intersted in foreign culture.
So now I am studying English.
I want to know various culture and tell foreigners Japanese culture.