Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pros and cons of Japanese culture**

I think Japanese culture is very unique so I might say that many foreigners misunderstand at first. Especially Japanese religion is rooted in Japanese nature and is difficult to understand .

Christian ,Islam, Hinduism and many religion are monothism ,that means one GOD. But in Japan there are eight million GODS "Yaoyorozunokami".They are in fire, water , tree, soil and so on.

Japanese religion also very old. I think it is the most generous religion in the world because it has become milder in traditional aspect.

So it is very different from other religion. Japanese religion is Budism or Shinto but I 'd like to call 'Japanese religion' because it is original and unique in Japan. Most Japanese may think their belief or faith are weak ,but I think it is not weak but it is generous. Japanese never exclude other religions and never force thier belief. Japanese accept difference.

So we can see Japanese uniequness in terms of religion.


Blogger noriko said...

I agree with your opinion.I like Japanese religions too.It is good that we have a chance to learn each religion(Buddhism,Shinto)including Christianity in Japan.It's not too late to choose one after learning them.We don't have to get into a religion if we don't want to.I like Japanese custom, because we can enjoy each religion's events.

8:34 AM  
Blogger yuko said...

I think a Japanese style of religion is interesting, too. and I like it.

Japanese have been lived with many gods and admitted them. So, Japanese are good at accept something new to them and change them to Japanese style. Japanese have been good at mixing something from other country with Japanese style, and making something better from these two style, for example X'mas, wedding, etc, etc...

9:16 AM  

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