Monday, April 18, 2005


1. Tolerance for ambiguous
Japanese sometimes like not to clear things black or white. In some cases , it is good to stay with unclear in Japan. Japanese thinks it important to not say everything you want to do and not to show your own profit or egoistic feeling. If it is rational , Japanese somtimes don't do so. So to manage with perseverance is good for you.

2. Empathy
To adapt in Japan, you can accept Japanese custom. Japanese like to sympathize and share their feelings. You could show empathy for Japanese with modest atiitude.

3. A non-judgemental attitude
You may often compare with your culture. But you shouldn't judge things in Japan is good or bad because it is different from yours. The way of thinking and their rules, morals are very different in countries, so you can't easily understand the foreign culture . So you should not be hasty inconcluding the valuation.


Blogger Johninjapan said...

Interesting advice. I think I have had the most trouble with regards to your first point, which I will tell you more about in class. Of course many Americans also commuicate indirectly at times, but communicating indirectly seems to be a much more integral part of Japanese culture and has often caused me frustration. Some foreigners sometimes feel a bit paranoid because they don't know how Japanese really feel or what they should do in a situation.

I also really like your last part to not judge differences so much. I did this a lot when I first arrived in Japan and felt homesick. I thought about many things "...I like it better in American," but it's a waste of time to think that way. Now I try to focus on difference for the sake of difference or positive differences. For example, I didn't like Japanese baseball at first because it was too different, but now there are many aspects of the game here I actually prefer to in the US.

Interesting advice!

5:36 AM  
Blogger kahori said...

I also think that Japanese sometames keep things vauue, for I usually do so. We can not help doing so. That's the way we think and live. BUT I dou't think it's bad. That keeps relationship between friends calm. To show his/her own opinion always will be regarded as a selfish person. Please be carehul. I like this way, for I have kept relationship between friends good so far.

12:38 AM  
Blogger yuko said...

These days, I often think Japanese culture is changing. Now, I'm hunting a job, and I go to some campanies. I went to some interviews and found that companies need a person who can explain what they think and explain what they want to do. If we do not do so in school lives, it will be hard to do in society.

Years ago, Japanese people did not say clearly how they feel, and what they wanna do, however, there are more people who do so. Now, we are needed to give ideas to others.

9:25 AM  

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