Sunday, May 01, 2005


There are still many discrimination against foreighners in anywhere. I think 'everyone is friend ' ' we are the world' is too much optimistic. To know different culture is difficult so that we should make effort to understand each other.

I think only man-to-man relationship can solve the problem. It means that when you directly communicate with other country's people, you can become to accept each culture and allow him/her as a friend .I think this relation is the important thing to take off your wall of cultural prejudice and discrimination. If politics or economics or so on in friend's country is bad influence to your country , you would not hate your friend . I think each friendships makes world peaceful and 'everyone is friend' is not impossible , I hope.


Blogger yuko said...

I agree with you. When we make friends with people from abroad, our image of the country often changes. As you say, man-to-man relationship is very important to solve the ploblem.

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