Monday, June 20, 2005

Atention Deficit Disorder**

The number of ADD is increasing especially in America. It is the serious problem to think about our future. I don't think taking medicine to children who has symptoms of ADD is the best way. I guess some of the causes of ADD are lack of love in their family or defect of their nutrition. The society may be changing in bad way . For example, there are many cases such as parent's devorce, Domestic violence , overflow of drugs, or so on. So I think these things influence to children's mind or personality.

The most important solution is that parents have responsibility to grow up their children. They should decipline with love and make well-balanced meal and make good environment to study , sleep and do active. I think the problem is deep so we can't solve the situaton by the superficial way .

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Everyone has an ambiton and desire to be rich. It is America that there are many oppotunity to become millionea.America has freedom and there are various people. People take high risk but also get high return. It is great for energetic person to challenge and try. Actually many scientist or athlete or artist go to America because they want to be admitted and get much reward and get high status.

In America, important things is not their nationality , skin color, school carrior , ages but also their ability and possibility. Everyone's start position is equal. Thinking of our lives, what we want is liberty, happiness , economic oppotunity and material success. In America we can do it if we make effort. So I think America is the country which such a hopeful people gather and mix.Every country pays attention to America and has interest in .America is the .....most interesting place!!!